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Audioquest Cinnamon HDMI 8K/10K Zoom
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Audioquest Cinnamon HDMI 8K/10K

Cables HDMI

L'AudioQuest Cinnamon HDMI est un câble HDMI de qualité supérieure et également de norme 2.1 avec fonctionnalité ethernet. 

Compatible : 8K / 10K , 1080p, 4K UHD, HDR et 3D.

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Cinnamon adds 1.25% silver-plating to its predecessors' solid-core conductors. Like all AudioQuest HDMI cables, Cinnamon uses Solid High-Density Polyethylene Insulation, and precise geometry. Specific attention has been paid to maximizing the performance of HDMI, and indeed, AudioQuest’s HDMI cables push sonic performance to new levels.

SOLID 1.25% SILVER CONDUCTORS: Solid conductors eliminate strand-interaction distortion and reduce jitter. Solid silver-plated conductors are excellent for very high-frequency applications, like HDMI audio and video. These signals, being such a high frequency, travel almost exclusively on the surface of the conductor. As the surface is made of high-purity silver, the performance is very close to that of a solid silver cable, but priced much closer to solid copper cable. This is an incredibly cost effective way of manufacturing very high-quality HDMI cables

SOLID HIGH-DENSITY POLYETHYLENE INSULATION: Any solid material adjacent to a conductor is actually part of an imperfect circuit. Wire insulation and circuit board materials all absorb energy (loss). Some of this energy is stored and then later released as distortion. Solid High-Density Polyethylene Insulation ensures critical signal-pair geometry while minimizing insulation-induced phase distortion.

HIGH SPEED DATA CAPACITY: All AudioQuest HDMI cables up to 10 meters meet or exceed the 10.2 Gbps maximum data rate for HDMI and are approved High Speed with Ethernet cables. This means that all AudioQuest cables up to 10 meters are capable of transmitting 100% of the data required for all of HDMI’s current audio/video features including multichannel high-resolution audio, 1080p and 4k video, and 3D video from Blu-ray. All AQ HDMI cables will deliver 100% of the data required for 120Hz/240Hz/600Hz displays.

ETHERNET AND AUDIO RETURN CHANNEL ENABLED: All AudioQuest HDMI cables up to 10 meters are rated High Speed with Ethernet. From 12 meters to 20 meters AudioQuest HDMI cables are Standard Speed with Ethernet.

DIRECTIONALITY: All audio cables are directional. The correct direction is determined by listening to every batch of metal conductors used in every AudioQuest audio cable. All signal conductors controlled for digital-audio direction in AudioQuest HDMI cables, and care is even taken to run the conductors used in the Audio Return Channel in the opposite direction to ensure the best performance for that application. Arrows are clearly marked on the connectors to ensure superior sound quality.

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