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Chord Crimson Plus 4 RCA vers DIN Naim Zoom
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Chord Crimson Plus 4 RCA vers DIN Naim

Cables Stereo DIN

Idéal pour relier votre électronique Naim à une autre électronique tel qu'un lecteur CD ou un lecteur réseau. 
Très bonne qualité, excellent en dynamique et sur la restitution des timbres.  

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The Crimson VEE 3 works well with DIN plugs, the design of the cable makes the build of the cable less than straight forward, but the method we use gives all the performance advantages of the pseudo-balanced conductors. This makes the Crimson VEE 3 DIN cables surprisingly good and they could be used with pretty much any product with good results. We would suggest that this would be a good option for connecting the outputs of set top boxes or tuners to the main system. Long runs work well and are also cost effective and the quality of the shielding means that interference is not going to be a problem.
“I’m really happy with this and it is only your entry level DIN cable!”
This is the way to build an RCA to DIN cable. The two separate runs of Crimson VEE 3 cable are only joined at the DIN connection itself, and the twenty seven years experience we have of building Din terminated cables lets us build a cable that allows the full performance of the Crimson VEE 3 cable to be properly exploited.
Whatever components you need to connect to your DIN socket equipped amplifier or preamplifier, the Crimson VEE 3 is an excellent way to discover just how much a properly designed and beautifully built interconnect can improve the system it is fitted to. Genuinely involving music begins here.
The new Chord Crimson VEE 3 interconnect has been designed to meet the criteria required for properly accurate signal transfer. That means properly defined bass lines, dynamic drums and clear vocals. More importantly it means coherent and involving music.
The Crimson VEE 3 uses two sets of multi-stranded oxygen free copper conductors, arranged in a twisted pair configuration and protected from interference that can destroy sound quality by a dual layer shield.
The Crimson VEE 3 RCA plug has direct gold-plated contacts and an ABS plug casing. Every part of the plug has been chosen in order to guarantee the best possible signal transfer, making for more detail and drama in the music you listen to. The DIN plug we use has high quality silver-plated contact pins.
Whatever equipment you have that requires DIN connectors, we have the knowledge and experience to build not only a correctly configured cable but a high performance one.
Standard length is 1m; other lengths are special delivery and have approximately 2 to 4 weeks delivery time!